Sports teams

The 1968/69 Rugby team

Brad Bradbury (111 entry) came up with some names here, can you fill in the rest?

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? ? A Tanner 211 Ian Harker 110 Brad Bradbury 111 Ron Skene 111 Ian Envis 111 ? ? ? Graham Fish 111 John Lamb 211
- - - Pete York 110 Norman Turner 211 Mick Richardson 110 Noz Gibson 211 Phil(Yank) Peers 211 Spence Eshmade 213 - - -

The 1972/3 Rugby team

Mark Dempsey helped with many names here, we think that there were 2 teams, a junior team, maybe U18? and an "Open age" team and both these teams are pictured here in 1972/73 season. I believe this was the last time we played for the apprentice cup and it looks like we won them both..

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Flt Lt Mott Kevin Partridge 225 Paul Smith 231 Paul Wilson 231 Bob McAlpine 121 Dave Horton Jones 226 Dixie Dean 227 Paul Lumley 225 Jim Simpson 226 Colin Dryburgh 225 Paul Riddle 227 Graham Tibbets 227 Cpl Burton
  Eric Parsons 227 Sean Treadwell 121 Terry Hunt 227 "Lefty" Wright 120 Brian Duncan 227 Mark Sanders 227 "Taff" George 225 ?? Kevin Brophy 226 Paddy Macgloughlan 231 Bill Brown 121  

This picture probably covers 225-231 and 118-121 entries. It seems to be the "junior", maybe U18 team. Thats the Apprentice cup we are proudly displaying. I seem to remember that Eric Parsons kicked a Penalty to take the win. Unfortunately I wasn't actually at the game because of a broken leg from a practice just before the game. I was pushed to the medical center on a pushbike and told to "walk up and down a bit" Meanwhile Paul Smith, a star player, got there in the ambulance. He was OK.. Then they reluctantly gave me a bed, next morning after my leg turned blue I was sent for an x-ray!!
That's me third from left in the front row, If you look carefully you'll see that my left leg is in a plaster cast. Lefty Wright, the ratbag to my left did it during a practice game, maybe thats why he looks so happy!
Can you help with the last name?

This is the 72/73 Apprentice "Open Age" team some of the better players are in both teams and it looks like we won that cup as well!

Flt Lt Mott

Paul Wilson 231 Paul Smith 231 Dave Horton Jones 226 Dave "Taff" Lloyd 222 ?Officer? Mark Dempsey 119 Colin Dryburgh 225 "Wedge" Carter 222 Jim Simpson 226 Cpl Burton
    "Olly" Oliver 226 Paddy Macgloughlan 231 Bill Brown 121 Neil Shepard 222 Taff George 225 Mark Sanders 227 Paul Lumley 225  

1969-1970 Rugby team

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1971 Rugby team

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Wg Cdr
Les Hawkins
Mick Ryall
John Rowe
Bob Drewett
Tiny Mason
Kevin Wilkinson
Phil Hockaday
Mr Shingler
OC Apprentice Wing Taff Bush
John Lamb
Ken Pugh
115 (Capt)
Dereck Smith
Sid Sidwell
App Rugby
Ralph Symes
Mick Holiday
Phil Pudy
Graham Fairhurst

1971 Rugby team Trip to France

Kevin Wilkinson sent some pictures from the 71 trip to France

Football Team

Team photograph taken at Cosford prior to playing against Wolverhampton FC Youth Team in February 1967. We got a lesson in how to play football.
Top row from l-r: Bill Bailey (107), Lynn Henry (107), Russ Mattison (108), Jimmy Wilson (111), Terry Symanns (109), and ?.
Front row l-r: ?, Allan Jarrett (109), ?, Eddie Fraser (107) and Mike Mansfield (108)

Team photograph taken at Cosford prior to playing against French Apprentice Football Team from Saintes in October 1966.
Back row from l-r: Mike Mansfield (108), Russ Mattison (108), ?, Bill Bailey (107), Terry Symanns (109), ?, ?, ? and ?.
Front row l-r: Lynn Henry (107), ?, ?, Allan Jarrett (109), Eddie Fraser (107), ?, ? and ?.

Trip to France 1967

Basketball Team

Possibly 1973?
Rear l-r Steve 'Smiler' Lake,?, Fergus Grant and Taff Meacock
front row l-r Martin Ellacott, Graham Pavey, Andy Harris, Ray Fair and Tony Marsden

The small group is the apprentice 1971 aeromodelling team at the RAF championships.We won the Apprentice shield, another trophy which, if I could find the original I'd be able to tell you what it was and, to our surprise the Victor Ludorum Cup making us RAF champions that year.
Alan Hardwin