Apprentice Papers and Chits

It started with a Letter of Acceptance for Apprenticeship

My Mum actually kept these, interesting to see them tell us to bring Duraglit, yellow dusters and boot polish.
I should have known!!

Then just before the haircut... Here Mark Smyth is signing his life away.

Gave us an identity...

Then they stuck the needles in us...

They actually paid us for having all that fun

Now you can prove to your kids just how hard up you were, looks like I got 6 quid a week here and that was a heck of a lot more than I got at the start. The food and board looks cheap though.

I'm told that I was rolling in it!! Heres Nige Clemence's first one from 1970, In Pounds, shillings and pence!

The next 3 pages explan how our pay was broken down and why we got those big pays just before leaves.

Then they let us go on leave so Mum could do all our washing!

The end result!