Fulton Block

Pictures from Gerry Linstead 303 entry, Mike Allen 305 entry, Allan Jarrett 109 entry and Rowly Fielder 151 entry.

Joan contacted me for information on Fulton block
She says..

All the references we see on the web say that the Fulton Block was built in memory of John Duncan Bertie FULTON C.B., R.F.A. (1876 - 1915) at a cost of 250,000, bequeathed by "his widow, Lady FULTON"

Despite many hours searching, we can find no record of JDBF ever marrying. Nor can we find any evidence that, if he had, his widow would have been referred to as "Lady Fulton". We have a copy of his will and apart from his 'cars, guns and furniture' which he left to his executor, the remainder of his assets were bequeathed to a Mrs Violet Corcoran.

Do you know if there is perhaps a plaque in the Mess, have some personal knowledge of who Lady Fulton may have been? Do you have any idea which government pet would have dealt with the finances to build it?

Can anyone shed some light??

Arial view around 1967?

Construction , sometime in the 1930's

Full kit inspection.

Bedspace in the 80's

The gym, big!
The Following Pictures were taken by Rowly Fielder from the air in about 1989/1990 and were taken from a glider from the Wrekin Gliding Club. At the time Fulton Block 1 and 2 Wg were being converted to classroom accommodation.