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Pictures from Mike Dufell Ron Cartmale and Pete Wood

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Sept '68, Lead-in course, joined by others at start Oct '68. 110 members initially. Flight Commander -Flt Lt Hart (ex Javelin pilot who successfully ejected TWICE (maybe that's why he was a rather short chap)! Succeeded by Flt Lt. (Navigator) A. (Fred) R. Pinches. We were lucky to have some good officers! Sergeant - Bob Fuller, Hard man (retired U.S. Marines boot camp NCO possibly) but real character (after one got to know him and as the course progressed) loved by all at the end. Promoted to Flight Sergeant and left Cosford. He was assisted by Cpl Golding later promoted to Sgt and became our Squadron Adjutant on 29 Squadron (Phantoms) RAF Coningsby. Sgt Fuller was Succeeded by not so hard but amiable Sgt. Taffy Jones. 55 remaining members of course passed out from Cosford, Oct '70. We were housed in Fulton Block in the wing nearest the sick quarters but away from the fence, i.e. towards No.2 airmen's mess. Mostly on the ground floor but moved up and down like a poor yo-yo. We were the new CA entry when the famous 109th TA half destroyed Fulton Block after their graduation party. God, that was a night!!!!

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